María Teresa Díaz de Agüero
Director of Public Accounting
She has worked for the Ministry of Finance of Paraguay for 27 years, and has been Director of Public Accounting for 13 years. She holds a degree in Accounting, a postgraduate in University Teaching, and a master’s degree in Project Management from the National University of Asunción. She has been teaching at several universities for the past 20 years.

Her training in the Public Sector is in the accounting area, and has gone through the implementation of several information systems within the Ministry.
Currently, she is also the Project Manager of the SPIR Project (Public Statement and Reporting System), an application to inform the citizens and other opinion makers of the expenses and incomes in the Paraguayan Public Sector.
Supported by the International Organizations, the country is in the process of implementing the IPSAS, by evaluating the impacts with a plan of action and concrete projects (Conceptual Framework, Chart of Accounts and a Procedural Manual adjusted to the norms).
She is currently a member of the Executive Committee of the Governmental Accounting Forum of Latin America (FOCAL), and a member, and representative of Paraguay, of the Inter-American Accounting Association for the Public Sector.

Previous meetings
I Focal Chile 2014
II Focal Colombia 2015
III FOCAL Paraguay 2016
Mission Proposed
Elaborar documentación para la implementación efectiva de los estándares internacionales, a través de la capacitación y el intercambio de experiencias en reuniones, charlas, seminarios, video conferencias.
Proposed Vision
Constituir un órgano consultivo internacional de Contadurías Gubernamentales que fomente el intercambio de experiencias y metodologías para la adopción de mejores prácticas gubernamentales en materia contable para los Gobiernos y participe de manera activa en el análisis y aprobación de las normas que reglamentan la profesión contable internacional.