Accountant General of the Nation
Óscar Arturo Pajuelo Ramírez, is a Certified and Registered Public Accountant, with more than 35 years of professional experience in the private and public sector. He has experience in the National Government sector as Accountant General of the Nation, directing the National System of Accounting and being President of the Accounting Regulatory Council in charge of the accounting regulation of the Private Sector.

He has extensive experience in the financial sector where he was Deputy General Manager of Banco de la Nación, as well as Central Credit Manager, Finance Manager, Branch Manager and General Accountant respectively.
In the private sector he was the Finance Manager of Transformer Atlantis S.A, transnational of the industrial sector, and Accountant General of the Foreign Bank of the Andes and Spain. Also he has been director in companies of the private and public sector, as well as liquidator of companies.
Previous meetings
I Focal Chile 2014
II Focal Colombia 2015
III FOCAL Paraguay 2016